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 St. Luke's Altar Guild

The Altar Guild of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is a dedicated group of men and women who are faithful in their mission to have a beautiful table set for the Lord’s Feast.


Currently we have 14 regular members assigned to 4 teams.  Each team is responsible for one week of the month and all its services.  On special occasions, holidays or for special services, Altar Guild members share the work.  Over the course of a year, the Altar Guild is responsible for approximately 225 services, 60 flower arrangements and countless linens to be washed and ironed.


The Annual Business Meeting of the Altar Guild is held on the first Saturday of November.  Business is discussed, new ideas are aired and the Altar Guild policy and procedure manual is evaluated.   Plans are discussed for Christmas, and the upcoming special events.  Following this business meeting Brunch is served.


Two special ministries are attached to the Altar Guild and are an integral part of our ministry.  They are our bread bakers, without whom our homemade bread used at each service would not be possible;  and, our flower ministry.  The use of real plants and special arrangements have brought many wonderful compliments and will continue to be used.  We are very thankful for these women who help to make our services more beautiful and complete.


If you get pleasure from entertaining, like to iron, enjoy decorating or flower preparation and would like to join our Altar Angel network, please contact the church office at 772-286-5455 or you may email to


Very sincerely,

Vicki, President/Altar Guild

OFFICE HOURS: Monday -Friday 9am to noon CLOSED Wednesdays St. Luke's Episcopal Church 5150 SE Railway Ave. Stuart, FL 34997