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 SUNDAY SERVICES Drive-In/Outside Service will be held at 8:45am. No Registration Required. Bring your own chair if you wish to sit outside. SUNDAY 10AM IN-CHURCH SERVICE HAS RESUMED. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Register online or call the church office. Please see the Home page to view live stream of service. WEDNESDAY MORNING HEALING SERVICE The Wednesday Healing Service is currently being held at 10am in the Memorial Garden. It is a midweek Eucharistic service with prayers for the healing of God's creation and people. We ask that you bring a lawn chair, wear a mask and practice social distancing. If it rains the service will not be held. No registration required. Hello Everyone! St. Luke's is offering a DRIVE IN CHURCH SERVICE on Sundays at 8:45AM. If you plan to attend, PLEASE read the instructions below. Communion is part of the service. A few important notices: EVERYONE REMAINS IN THE CAR with windows up. The bathrooms in the Parish Hall (near the back door) are available for emergencies only. We are able to do this because there is no contact –the safest we can do at this point. Thank you for your endurance, perseverance, and flexibility (now known as agility), especially in the days to come. All God’s blessings whether you are doing virtual church or drive in church. Stay tuned!!! DRIVE IN CHURCH What to Expect... Preparation: Bring your own (or google) Book of Common Prayer or Download the bulletin (same as “Sunday Morning” bulletin). Bulletin can be found on our website Home Page. NO BULLETINS will be available at the service. Bathrooms in the Parish Hall (at the back NOT the front) are available for emergencies only. The service is approximately 35-40 minutes. NO ONE IS TO GET OUT OF THEIR CAR. The expectation is that the windows are up until you have left the property except for picking up the wafers. We are using an AM radio transmitter so look for the frequency number posted at the entrance and up front. The altar area is under the oak tree facing the parking lot behind the church. In case of heavy rains, the service is cancelled. Seating: No reservations, no mezzanine seating. Enter and turn left as directed. There will be a flag person to direct you. IF THERE IS A BACKUP ON COVE ROAD ONTO RAILWAY AVENUE THEN GO STRAIGHT AHEAD TO THE OFFICE STREET ENTRANCE AND USE THE ELIPSE TO PREPARE TO RE-ENTER RAILWAY AVENUE. GET IN LINE AND TURN RIGHT AS DIRECTED. STOP: at the table at the end of the sidewalk on the left and take the communion from the tray. Each communion is separate so take one for each person in the car. There is a donations drop-box on the same table. CONTINUE: Go to the first row far left (west) and park at flags which space cars six feet apart from each other. If the first row is full, PARK IN THE SECOND ROW, FAR LEFT FIRST BUT FIND FLAG THE CENTERS BETWEEN THE CARS IN FRONT OF YOU. THE SERVICE: We will take communion together as usual, but in your cars. DISMISSAL: Upon the dismissal, proceed to exit without delay. THANK YOU! IT WILL BE GREAT TO SEE YOU AND TO SHARE COMMUNION AND COMMUNITY.


Friday morning Bingo will re-open at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 5150 S.E. Railway Ave., Cove Road at Dixie Highway, Stuart on Friday, May 7, 2021. Doors open at 9:30am. Masks are required. Seating will be marked and will be limited, according to 6-foot social distancing protocols. Players will be asked to sign in and will also be asked to include their phone numbers. Canned soda and bottled water along with packaged snacks may be purchased but no food will be served. For more information, call 772-286-5455


St. Luke's Episcopal Church 5150 SE Railway Ave. Stuart, FL 34997 OFFICE HOURS: Monday -Friday 9am to noon CLOSED Wednesdays