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(Toward the Relief of Urgent Emergencies) is a fund administered by Carol Stone, a parishioner.  It was begun by a deacon in our diocese who also was a social worker.  Late on a Friday, a man appealed for money at the social service agency where she worked.  He was out of work, had a family to support, and was desperate.  He did not fit the guidelines for help.  The local weekend newscaster reported a robbery during which the robber was killed.  It was the same man.  The deacon realized that even a small amount could have fed his family or gone toward the rent.  She began a fund at her church for those who “fell between the cracks” of receiving immediate financial assistance.  She named it the T.R.U.E. Fund.   About every Episcopal Church in the diocese has a T.R.U.E. Fund.  Your designated donation will help someone on a one-time basis with rent, electricity, and   other necessities.

These payments are made directly to the provider (the landlord, FPL, voucher with restrictions for Publix/Winn-Dixie).  The evaluation process includes verification of ID, address, and obligation; the applicant must be a resident of Port Salerno and on a one-time basis. Please give generously to support this ministry to our immediate neighbors who are in need.

True Fund
RECENT STORIES~ October 17, 2016 This week we are helping a mother with 6 children get into an apartment with 3 bedrooms. We started working with her July 27th, and she is just getting in now. It is very hard for a large family to find housing when they have been behind on their bills. We are partnering with 3 other agencies to get the family a home. This week we also helped a disabled lady who lives in her old RV, and moves from state park to park (homeless), get repairs done to the vehicle. We started working with her 8/1/16. She needed repairs done to the vehicle to move it. We needed an estimate of cost of repairs. This took a while. Then the hurricane came. She had to evacuate inland and moving the RV broke the water pump totally. That increased the repair cost, but we have helped her with some of her most urgent repair cost. Summer - 2016 We have helped two families this summer who lost family members and needed help with funeral expenses, one was for a 7 year old child. St. Luke's has assisted or referred over 80 persons to date this year. Many of our clients are being stretched very thin directly due to the local economy ups and downs. Thank you all for your generous kindness to the people in need in our area. This year they are sending prayers of blessings your way. --Carol Stone, your sister in Christ
Many local residents are in need of help with their electric bills and we have had to turn them away due to lack of funds. If you could find it in your hearts to give a little to our TRUE FUND we could together make a big difference for those in need, particularly those in our community with children. Your kindness and generosity as always is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Click here to give online to our TRUE FUND
OFFICE HOURS: Monday -Friday 9am to noon CLOSED Wednesdays St. Luke's Episcopal Church 5150 SE Railway Ave. Stuart, FL 34997 (772) 286-5455 SUNDAY SERVICE TIMES: 8am (Holy Eucharist, Traditional) 9am (Holy Eucharist, Contemporary) 10am (Holy Eucharist with Choir). Child care is available for infants and children under 4 throughout the year in the Christian Ed. building, right next to the Church.