The Quadrants are the fundamental blueprint or structure from which the strategic plan was developed and under which the St. Luke’s various ministries operate. Unlike the Core Values, the Quadrants were developed by and are specific to St. Luke’s. Each ministry self-selects a specific Quadrant within which to operate and which it believes best fits its specific mission. Each Quadrant has a vestry member assigned as a liaison to all ministries within that Quadrant. The Rector oversees the Worship Quadrant. The Quadrants and their Mission Statements are listed below.


To love God and express that love through participation and development of meaningful religious services, prayers and devotions.  To refresh our spirit, challenge our minds and sustain us through meaningful and uplifting worship. 


Where people become joyful givers who use their God-given talents, spiritual gifts, and time to serve God, the community, and each other.  To welcome friends and newcomers with open arms.  To see the face of Christ in all, regardless of where they may be on their spiritual journey.


To provide experiences that nourish our Christian commitment (knowing God) and that encourage us to share our faith with others (making God known). 


To feel happiness in a secure relationship or endeavor and to belong to something that is exciting.  To offer a safe haven in which to grow relationships between one another and God.

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